Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Case of Cocktail Plagiarism

Unbelievable... United Airlines just staked claim on a mixer that has already been well established. They’re calling it the “Sunrise Sunset”, but I believe it’s more commonly known by bartenders and drinkers alike as the “Madras”. In fact, this drink hit its high in popularity in the 80’s, according to Marissa Walsh, author of “Tipsy in Madras”.

What’s the difference between the Madras and the Sunrise Sunset mixed drink? United uses cran-apple juice instead of cranberry in their cocktail. Is United Airlines now entitled to sue a bar for using cran-apple juice instead of plain cranberry and serving it up as a “Madras” to their customers?

Apparently, United thought so highly of their “new” drink that they decided to publish a press release about it. Are they aware that their new signature cocktail already existed? There’s no mention of the Madras in their press release. Maybe they’re just hoping that their plagiarism of the popular Madras mixer will go unnoticed…

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