Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Dirty Snowball: a Minty Holiday Cocktail

The Dirty Snowball Cocktail
Feasting on Christmas cookies always calls for some milk, but when you’re an adult you have an excuse to add alcohol to that mix. I found a great match for dipping and sipping. The Dirty Snowball is what I like to call it!

This minty cocktail derives from “The Grasshopper” that contains equal parts Crème de Menthe, Crème de Cacao and fresh cream. I added a shot of whipped cream flavored vodka to take it up a notch. To add to this green beauty I rimmed the glass with Oreo cream and dipped it in the crushed cookies. The Dirty Snowball is a combination of milk and cookies all in one. Enjoy this holiday cocktail!

Ingredients for the Dirty Snowball:
  • 1 Oreo, double stuff preferred
  • Glass of your choice
  • 1 shot Crème de Menthe
  • 1 shot Crème de Cacao
  • 1 shot Whipped Cream flavored vodka (Vanilla works too!)
  • 3 shots fresh cream (or to taste)
  1. Twist your Oreo so that one side of cream is exposed. Scrape off the cream around the rim of your glass and pinch it on to secure the connection. Crush the cookie portion of the Oreo on a small plate and dip the cream covered rim in it with desired amount of Oreos.
  2. Combine Crème de Menthe, Crème de Cacao, Whipped Cream Vodka, and fresh cream to your cup and add ice.
  3. Serve with more cookies for dipping!