Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Berry Sangria

Holiday Berry Sangria is the perfect Holiday cocktail for a festive Holiday party (or any party for that matter). It’s bright and refreshing and very intoxicating. Your guests are guaranteed to love it! And the perk? You don't need a high-priced wine to make this fancy berry cocktail...

Ingredients for Holiday Berry Sangria:
  • 4 cups of mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries – frozen berries work as well)
  • 2 cups of dark rum
  • ½ cup of granulated sugar
  • 1 bottle of red wine (pinot noir or zinfandel - refrigerated)
  • 1 bottle of cherry juice (refrigerated)
  • 1 cup of sparkling apple cider (refrigerated)
  • Fresh mint

  • Large bowl with lid
  • Large punch bowl or pitcher
  • Ladle

Step 1. 24 hours before serving, combine berries, rum and sugar in a large bowl and stir gently until the sugar is dissolved. Seal the bowl with the lid and refrigerate.

Step 2. This step should be done no more than 30 minutes before serving. In a large punch bowl, combine the rum-berry mix, wine, cherry juice & sparkling apple cider. Stir gently. Ladle your sangria into wine goblets or glasses. Garnish each glass with a sprig of mint.

Serve your Holiday sangria & Enjoy. Happy Holidays!

Warning: This beverage contains a lot of booze. Would suggest limiting to 2-3 glasses per person. =)


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