Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hangover Cocktails: Start the New Year Off Right!

Oh, the dreaded hangover. With New Year’s Eve just a day away, and the abundance of alcohol consumption that usually goes hand in hand with the celebration, it’s always best to plan ahead. And though drinking lots of water before heading into a drunken slumber guarantees to reduce the effectsof a hangover, if you’re completely tanked, remembering to do this just isn’t realistic.

Those of us who have a really good time on New Years will be paying for it in the morning – and lessening post-party pain is always the goal: the tastier the better. So, before heading out for New Year’s Eve, make sure you have the ingredients for one of these enjoyable hangover cures.

Hangover Cocktail Cure #1: The Redeye Mary The hair of the dog is always a sure-fire way to cure the symptoms of a hangover. The tomato juice will help to metabolize the alcohol you consumed, the egg is rich in amino cysteine which will help your body clear out the toxins from drinking
- 4 ounces Beer
- 1 ounces Vodka
- 8 ounces Tomato Juice
- 1 whole Egg
- Cayenne Pepper to taste

Pour the beer, vodka, Cayenne pepper, and tomato juice into a pint glass and mix well. Pour into a pint glass, add a fresh, raw egg, and drink up. You’ll feel the healing begin in no time.

Hangover Cocktail Cure #2: The Honana Shake The banana will help settle your stomach and the honey replenishes the blood sugar level and the milk rehydrates the system.
- 1 banana
- Cup of milk
- 1 Tbs. brown sugar
- 1 Tbs. of honey
- 1 shot of rum

Peal the banana, cut into large chunks and place the pieces in a small bowl. Place the bowl in the freezer and leave the banana until the banana chunks are firm. In a blender, combine the banana, milk, brown sugar, honey and rum. Blend until smooth. Pour your Honana into two glasses and serve.

Happy New Year!


  1. I think I could stomach the second one so that will be my plan of attack. I did a story after christmas about hangovers and found out some interesting fact and your banana smoothies ticks 4 boxes to recovering from a hangover :)

  2. Thanks Gourmet Getaway! The second is definitely tastier, but the first actually works wonders and doesn't taste as scary as it sounds... =)

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  4. If you can drink alcohol during your hangover, you didn't drink enough to produce a real hangover.